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How to Best Manage Your Enterprise

99% of Business Owners are in the wrong place, not only at tax time - BUT RIGHT NOW - ESPECIALLY if you have acquired personal or business assets using credit and/or have personally signed for them. Will the coming economic crash effect you?

This Coronavirus can and will affect your business and assets. See how to protect your assets TODAY!

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Estate Planning to Preserve Your Wealth and Legacy for Generations

Preserve, protect and pass along your wealth according to your wishes, not someone else's.

Estate Planning is not only a preservation measure. It is also a way to advance and increase the value of what you already have. 

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Trusts for Planning

You Need Estate Planning If...

  • You haven’t planned for senior care costs (Medicaid)
  • You don’t have the skills to manage your assets yourself
  • You don’t want to lose what you have
  • You want your assets to grow tax deferred over time
  • You don’t want to saddle your family with issues
  • You now have a blended family
  • You own real estate, especially in multiple states
  • You want to preserve your legacy for generations 
  • You don’t want your affairs to end up in probate court
  • You want to protect your wealth from predators, creditors and ex-spouses
Unexpected events happen. Don’t wait until the last minute to create a plan.


Protect Your Wealth and Family

You’ve worked hard to earn your wealth. 

Proper planning not only helps you preserve and grow your assets but ensures you control how it is passed on.


Ensure your assets including property, cattle and even pets, are cared for per your wishes.


Know your assets and your family will be protected and that assets are not squandered away in probate or any court.


Minimize your estate’s tax liabilities and federal income taxes allowing you to grow wealth and your assets much faster..              (Reference IRC 643) 

Banking & Finance

Experience the immense value of controlling everything as a Trustee and not a person; by directing your trust to be the owner of property and financial accounts.  

Own Nothing but Control Everything

Do you know what Nobel, Rockefeller, Hershey, Mellon, DuPont all have in common? They all protected, grew, and preserved their wealth and legacy through proper estate planning. As a result, they never had to worry about debtors, creditors, or even ex-spouses taking portions of their assets without permission.

There's no doubt these were very savvy-business managers. You're probably thinking, "They all used fancy, complex accounting practices, and I can't afford that." 

But what if you could? What if you could use the very same financial vehicles these wealthy business owners used to protect and multiply their assets?

At VIP Insider, we believe that everyone should be able to preserve, protect, and pass along their wealth according to their wishes, not someone else's. And we do this using similar strategies as the Rockefellers.

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Your Trusted Advisor

Hi. I'm Rob West. I specialize in simplifying complex financial matters. As a financial professional for over forty years, I know what can happen to accumulated wealth without proper planning.

As an estate/probate & trust paralegal, I've seen it all, from probate courts publicly redistributing someone's hard-earned wealth to families fighting over their "fair share." I've even been witness to deathbed planning, which believe me is not the place to make essential financial decisions.

As your trusted advisor at VIP Insider, I believe everyone should have an estate plan in place to preserve, protect, and pass along their wealth according to their wishes, not someone else's before unexpected circumstances arise. If you believe the same, let's talk.

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Who Benefits from Estate Planning?

  • Real Estate Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Veterans 
  • Seniors needing Medicaid information
  • Your spouse/partner
  • Professional Athletes
  • Women & Men Executives
  • Owners of Valuable Possessions
  • Your Children & Grandchildren

..And most importantly, you and your family 


Schedule a call so we can discuss your unique situation.


Select the asset protection strategy that helps you achieve your goals.


Accumulate wealth while preserving and protecting your legacy.

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What our friends and clients are saying...

“I first met Rob West in 2006 when I attended a financial seminar to increase my own financial knowledge. We spoke and I asked if he would be available to speak with several of my clients who were struggling with advanced financial questions. Of the many people I met while trying to find help for my contacts, Rob was the only professional who truly spent time and energy to understand and help these people versus simply trying to sell them a different financial product. As an expert regarding our money system and a recognized authority regarding banking and complex financial strategies, Rob is a frequent guest on radio and talk shows.”

Shari Peterson, Minister, Counselor, Author of The View from 13F & Co-founder and Owner of RME Advisors, LLC

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