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Have you heard the joke about the new barbershop that opens across the street from the well-established barbershop? The new shop put up a sign that said "$5 Haircuts". After a few days, the established shop put up its own sign "We fix $5 haircuts."

While The VIP Insider can't fix how you began a business or enterprise we didn't model; we do give our business and estate owner clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're getting the business performance and lifestyle they expected for the best value.

In a virtual world saturated with options and promises of greater bargains, the discerning family office type client is susceptible to all sorts of unexpected surprises.

We know business and family enterprises meld for the long term and should experience richly enjoyable decades of continuity.

I welcome the opportunity to direct you to our best team of legal, financial and accounting specialist. No website can answer all your questions, give personalized service & advice, and understand what you may not know to ask, so let’s schedule an introductory conversation.

Our company, The VIP Insider is where you are a VIP. and we offer our "Insider" experiences to advance you.

Our combined century+ of experience for the discriminating business and estate owner is unequaled. We focus on clients looking for the joy, education and the adventure of enterprise ownership and management. With The VIP Insider, expect your enterprise to be enriched with safety, security, tax advantages and privacy.

Our enterprise models center on copyright documents of trust law embraced with IRC 643 and 19 other codes, embedded in the document copyright language. The history of our construct is strong and well established.

You deserve a partner like us who takes time to get to know your enterprise interests and expectations and only then, to research your goals solely with you in mind. We represent just you, not the universe of services and product suppliers.

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Rob West, The VIP Insider

Serving Enterprises Nationally from the Greater Denver, CO Area

Our gift of freedom to own property and businesses is one of the greatest gifts in the world. I incorporated this company to pay forward the good fortune and experiences I continue to enjoy as an Entrepreneur. 

Did you know your business could run itself on a tax deferred basis, like it was your own self-directed IRA… and could provide the benefits of income and life style without the annual “tax drag”? Indefinitely I might add – and with Steel Drum Financial Privacy?


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February 2020 Blog

Unbelievable Estate Planning Booboo’s –

Unheard of dangers of Procrastinating

Preparing for the end of life is one of those things you know you should do — but have you actually sat down and done it?

Probably not, according to a new survey from, which found that only 4 in 10 American adults have a will or living trust. Happily, older adults appear to lead the pack in readying these important documents.

While most U.S. adults age 18 and over have not done the needful, 81 percent of those age 72 or older and 58 percent of boomers (ages 53-71) do, in fact, have estate-planning documents.

The study, conducted in January, asked more than 1,000 respondents whether they had estate-planning documents in case of their death.

News Flash!

As of this writing February 9, 2020, the global pandemic of the Novus Corona Virus tops most all news services.

Last week in China 400 million citizens were locked down, to shelter in place. Illness is out of control. Crematories are operating 24/7. It’s really bad and spreading worldwide.

We all feel badly for China and every and all peoples effected. My reason for blogging this message is simply a notice of preparedness and more directly stated - where would you stand in the estate planning category.

Hopefully this sudden and disastrous virus phases out soon. It is however a loud message and reminder to not PROCRASTINATE on planning important matters. 

At this date in 2020 it is probable America will have to deal with the virus. 

What ever that may mean, if extended periods of disability/incapacity and increases in the death rate cause even further delays than usual in the probate courts (to supervise guardianships, prove wills and settle intestate estates), caring relatives and heirs would welcome [your] pre-planned guidance especially in trust form to eliminate the probate court totally.


As of this writing February 19, 2020, conditions have deteriorated from my post 10 days ago. 



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